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I've written a small script in the Chuck language to generate eight free-running sin, sqr, saw and tri low-frequency oscillators. the output from each is sent to a separate channel of Greg Surges' Octomod usb->cv boards (shown above in my Behringer patchbay). each frequency, along with visual feedback, can be controlled through an iPad TouchOSC template. Read on for the source...

meeq v1.0; a monome midi step sequencer

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 20.26.39

the first release of a multi-layered, polyphonic, polyrhythmic and dynamic MIDI step sequencer written in the chuck programming language. features include forward, backward and random play. allows for the dynamic adjustment of step sizes, timing, MIDI channels and custom scales, plus both short and sustained notes. source code: pdf cheatsheet: meeq_v1.pdf