1. when is the new meeq gonna be available? it is my favorite monome app by far!

  2. hey! thanks for getting in touch. i’ve been stupidly busy over the last few months moving house, and i’ve only just got my kit back and set up. but i still do a lot of work with meeq, which is now massively improved after the first release.

    just as soon as i can squash a couple of bugs, and maybe a new video to explain all the new features, i’ll release an update.

    cheers, graham.

  3. thank you!!!I love it!
    ok,I’ll let you know,this is really good music,and that’s why I’ll show it to my friends here in Argentina.I think they will love it too.

  4. Hi! You can download the original track from the link further up the comment thread.

    If you want a high-quality version, what format would you prefer?

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